Àpeiron VR Experience




Àpeiron VR strives to let the viewer experience the unfolding of time from outside time; the space of the undefined.
It is part of a narrative spectrum unfolding through the film project “Àpeiron - Undefined”. The film starts from a plane of abstraction, then moves to a tangible one, and finally back to the abstract. Àpeiron VR extends over that plane of abstraction, sustaining the story with the unique qualities of immersion.
Time is an idea that we take for granted, although it is difficult to define in words. We grasp only glimpses of its nature, every time from a different angle.
The VR experience is an audio-visual space of enigmatic footage and pareidolias. The first-person perspective drives a contemplative exploration of the many perceptions of time. Through a minimalist interaction the viewer manipulates the unfolding of time, meandering through an infinite fractal chronology. It is an experience of conceptual vertigo and vastness.