Julia Set Lab produces dynamic special effects with physical processes (non-CGI). 

We have experience with different techniques in the high magnification field. We are inspired by fluid dynamics, reflections and refractions of light, optical effects, cymatic, electromagnetism, chemical reactions etc.

This whole process of creation is inspired from science but it doesn't use a scientific method. The game of intuition and the strong, powerful pull are followed by the process of filming, and it can really be assimilated to the one that precedes a great discovery or an invention. Also, even if the meaning of the images is always mediated by the one who watches it, the results are always deep and really stimulating. 

Our footages can stand alone or manipulated with other digital composition techniques (VFX). 

Among the latest collaborations for this section is to provide some visuals to the prestigious documentary film Voyage of Time by Terrence Malick and the Nat Geo TV-series One Strange Rock.

JSL Reel 2017

Artist Sandro Bocci uses macro imagery of fluids in “Porgrave” (Àpeiron teaser) to create celestial landscapes.
— Scientific American