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Virtual Reality Experience

What is time? Apeiron is an immersive journey through the depths of this question. In a progression of visual speculations the viewer experiences the unfolding of time from outside time, a space of the undefined. The story stemmed from the original script of the film project “Aperion: Undefined”, selected at the Milano Film Network and Solinas Award in 2016. The VR experience is an audio-visual space of innovative footage recorded in a high magnification field, providing a visual force unmatchable by computer graphics. The solitude of VR is a stage for a contemplative experience on the many aspects of time, insulating the viewer from the constant demands of smartphones and social media, and carving a space necessary to reach a moment of deeper personal discovery. The viewer can manipulate the unfolding of time using minimalistic interactions, moving through the meanderings of an infinite fractal chronology. Apeiron is an experience of conceptual vertigo and memories. 

With this project we want to tell stories in the immersive medium about abstract ideas which are difficult to explain or discus but which become more accessible once experienced through our senses. Stories which don’t didactically deliver an explanation of a certain phenomenon but rather use the poetic language of visuals and sounds, the immediacy of interactions and immersion, to elicit a state of mind in preparation for a moment of reflection or self-discovery.

With Àpeiron VR we attempt to use an innovative type of visual material. With micro-macro photography we can craft compelling visual effects directly from the dynamics of natural phenomena. Within the camera-space of the high magnification field we can record the hypnotic intricacies of fluid dynamics, reflections and refractions of light, optical effects, cymatic, electromagnetism and chemical reactions. These images have a life force unmatchable by computer graphics. We want to harness the visual impact of these type of images and project them inside the malleable space of VR where they can take gigantic forms or find an aesthetic balance with computer generated details. Indeed, with this project we suggest an idea of the immersive medium as a vehicle to imagining the infinitely small or the infinitely big.


Àpeiron | Undefined - VR

Interactive film, Virtual Reality

Director: Sandro Bocci, Claudio Pedica

Current status: Development

Production: Julia Set Lab

Script: Sara Tassotti, Sandro Bocci, Claudio Pedica

Voice over: Alan Moore, Don DeLillo

Music: Maurizio Morganti, Lili Refrain, Giorgio Leonelli, Giardini di Mirò

Astrophotography supervisor: Giorgio Clemente

Language: English, Italian

Estimated duration: 45 min.

Produced by: Julia Set Lab

Device: Oculus GO, Daydream, Gear VR