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a film project by Sandro Bocci

Current status: Production

Principle of everything is Àpeiron, the Boundless, whence all the things have their origin and thence they find their destruction, as is the order of things; for they give justice and reparation to one another for their injustice, in conformity with the ordinance of Time.
— (Anaximander [in Simplicio] fr. DK12B1)



Àpeiron (The Undefined) is a contemplation of time, a concept hard to define with words which that eludes casual investigation about its very nature.

The film unfolds through a subjective audio-visual path, beginning from abstraction and progressively arrives to a more human perspective of the world, for then returning back to abstraction in a cyclical journey. The cycle is a direct inspiration from an ancient philosopher, Anaximander, whose idea named the film.

Àpeiron is a visual storytelling of handcrafted footage, microscopy, astrophotography, naturalistic sequences and subjective points of view that takes the viewer from an imaginary plane to a real one. The result is a motley collage in terms of space-time, connected by a poetic voice over. The voice stands as a metaphor of the impossibility to stop the present and the nature of collective and personal memory. The infinite dimensions on the topic of time find a convergence within the imagery of poetic language.

The sequences don’t bound the viewer to a linear narration. Instead it leaves space to a plentiful of interpretations resulting from a collage of memories, experiences and visual abstractions.




Àpeiron | Undefined - trailer 2018

Original soundtrack by: Maurizio Morganti, Lili Refrain, Giorgio Leonelli

Sound design by: Giorgio Leonelli

Images and edit by: Sandro Bocci

Additional footage by: Guillaume Néry, Jason deCaires Taylor







Àpeiron | Undefined - feature film (in production)

Language: English, Italian

Estimated duration: 70 min.

Produced by: Julia Set Lab

Format: DCI 4K - Dolby Atmos

Directed by: Sandro Bocci

Written by: Sara Tassotti, Sandro Bocci

Music Supervisor: Maurizio Morganti

Sound Designer: Giorgio Leonelli

Astrophotography Supervisor: Giorgio Clemente

Produced by: Julia Set Lab

Voice over by (TBC): Alan Moore, H.P. Lovecraft, Emanuela Rossi, Jan Hanlo, Don DeLillo.

Estimated duration: 70 min.

Format: DCI 4K - Dolby Atmos

Status 2018: Production




Àpeiron | Undefined - VR experience (in development)

Creative Director: Claudio Pedica

Images by: Sandro Bocci

Sound Design by: Giorgio Leonelli