Cogito in Space


Work in progress teaser 

Julia Set Lab is really proud to be part of the team of this exciting and innovative project.

"COGITO is an interdisciplinary hybrid narrative sending thoughts into outer space as radio waves. The project is staged at the Dwingeloo radio telescope in The Netherlands. One visitor at the time enters the cabin of the radio telescope and sends her or his brain activity into the cosmos while viewing an immersive video of the Earth seen from space."

A project by Daniela De Paulis

More info and updates:


  • Sandro Bocci 
    film maker - Julia Set Lab
  • Guillaume Dumas 
    neuroscientist, Institut Pasteur, Paris (FR) -
  • Robert Oostenveld 
    neuroscientist, Donders Institute, Radboud University Nijmegen (NL)
  • Michael Sanders 
    radio operator C.A. Muller Radioastronomie Station (CAMRAS) (NL)
  • Jan van Muijlwijk 
    radio operator, C.A. Muller Radioastronomie Station (CAMRAS) (NL)
  • Stephen Whitmarsh 
    neuroscientist, École normale supérieure, Paris (FR) -
  • buurmen 
    graphic design and website -
Sandro Bocci